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Symphonic Music

Original Works

LWV (Lühl-Werkverzeichnis-composition catalogue)

09:           SYMPHONY # I for large orchestra
13:           SYMPHONY # II for large orchestra
28:           SYMPHONY #III for large orchestra & chorus
39:           SYMPHONIY # IV for large orchestra
53:           SYMPHONY # V Die Macht for large orchestra
61:           REQUIEM IN MEMORIAM VAUBAN for large orchestra, soprano solo & chorus
73:           “LA CHAMADE”, symphonic poem for large orchestra & chorus
93:           SYMPHONY # VI for large orchestra
116:         “ANNA KARENINA”– symphonic poem for large orchestra
138:         “TALVELLA”– symphonic poem for large orchestra
143:         SYMPHONIE #VII for large orchestra
162:         SYMPHONIC VARIATIONS for large orchestra on a theme by H. Purcell
174:         VORSPIEL zu einer nie geschriebenen Ouvertüre – for large orchestra

223:        VON DER PASSION CHRISTI –symphonic poem for large orchestra



Orchestrations & Arrangements

40:           J.P. Sousa: Stars and Stripes forever
42:           Ol’ man river (trad.)
47:           G.Holst: The Planets : 8th Planet ("Pluto, the keeper of Eternity") for large orchestra & chorus
58:           L-N. Morançon : Tribute to John Williams
64:           F. Liszt: “Trübe Wolken
65:          E-F.Lühl : Album für die Jugend (orchestration for harp and string orchestra)
95:           E-F.Lühl: Requiem in Memoriam Vauban (arrangement for organ and chorus)
117:         E-F.Lühl: Chamber Symphony “Vauban” (arrangemnet for wood wind ensemble, percussions & double-basses)

185:         F. Chopin: Etude op.10 #4
189:         F. Chopin: Etude op.10 #2
201:         Eine Zugabe (orchestration of LWV 15 for large orchestra)
204:         F. Chopin: Etude op.25 #7
205:         F. Chopin: Etude op.25 #9
206:         F. Chopin: Etude op.10 #6
208:         F. Chopin: Etude op.25 #10



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